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I was shocked to have learned one afternoon that one of my girl friends Jenna had been jumped by a robber. News like that always makes me very paranoid because I'm a girl with a small frame. I wouldn't know the first thing about protecting myself. So when Vicki suggested we call up a self defense instructor, I immediately agreed we give it a shot. She grabbed her cell phone and dialed their number. Just like that, we made an appointment and he was on his way over. We both eagerly awaited his arrival. An hour later, the instructor knocked on the door. We weren't prepared to see a buck naked guy with a hot woman accompanying him, though. "Hi - WOAH! Hey! Hi" I said. "Hi How're you doin'?" He replied "Good, how are you? You're naked!" I was so nervous about this but I was quickly re-assured. "It's TOTALLY normal, don't worry about it. Come on!" The woman urged. I figured okay, this should be very interesting. He introduced himself to Joy and I as Elliott. The woman's name we learned was Rachel, same name as mine! Elliott wanted to know why we needed defense classes, so we explained that our friend was robbed. ...

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